Sunday, February 3, 2013

Recent Ramblings and Thoughts

     Well it started out last Wednesday I had intended to work Heidi on Thursday.  That didn't work as it was crappy all day.  Then I had to work for two days- so I'm hoping at least get some work in on her today before she gets her supper.   I've got eyesights on a backup bridle for her for $40, looking almost identical to the one she has currently(not the nylon bridle) so I can have that if she gets rough lunging with her current one. 
     Phoenix is actually putting weight on, the Fat Cat suppliment is working well!  I'm very thoroughly amazed that it's actually working really, really well.  Though Spring is just around the corner and he usually picks up weight a LOT better on the grass than he does on suppliments and hay all winter.  I know the yo-yo-ing on his weight isn't good for him, but for him, it's the only way we can do it.  I've been through his diet, excercise and everything else and there's nothing I can change to make him better.  Teeth will be re-done again this spring and he's got one more barefoot trim before he gets front shoes for summer on the next trim. 
     The bunnies, I'm sad to say, Legacy didn't take- so no Holland Lop babies as she's the only holland doe I have.   Keisha who was due two days after Legacy had hers on the coldest day of the recent cold snap- 1 Gray, 2 steel and 1 black all with decent markings- but they froze and I couldn't get them warmed back up.  It was friggin 9 degrees out there.  So both does will be rebred later this month for Mid March babies.  Belle and Natalie's litters have been weaned, the does are still with momma since I was still lacking one water dish for their weaning cage, but the bucks are weaned off!  I've got one request for a pair of them the rest will be going to the swap meet next Saturday to be sold. 
     Sadly no pictures for this update, I haven't had the camera out, it's been so cold that I've literally just gone out fed, watered and came back in to thaw back out. 

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