Tuesday, February 19, 2013


     Well I finally took these pictures off the camera.  It's of Juliet's litter, a few of Becky's and the water bottles. 
     The solid black, the heaviest marked and the lightest marked are the girls, the two medium(nicely) marked ones are the two bucks. Figures!
     These are Becky's 4 decent marked babies.  She's got two tied elbows and one split stop baby- these are Leo babies. 

     These are all my bottles some are so old and stained on the outside but they have all been bleached on the inside and scrubbed on the outside the best they can.  The bucket in the back has the caps and washers for them.  
     The babies have all opened their eyes, Becky's are only just opening, so over the next couple of days I'll get them sexed out so I know what I have! 
     I just finished setting and reserving mine and A.Lisa's spots for Ladies Night at the Range.  Aileen might even take a day off and join us too.  I think it'll be SUPER fun.  I hate goign to things like this by myself so I'm making A.Lisa come with me.  I think it would be really fun.  Besides gives me a chance to figure out what caliber hand gun I should be looking for- for personal protection reasons.  I don't intend to hunt with mine, just keep it for protection. 
     Anyway, work is beckoning me and I have to go eat and get ready to go.  I should have a good night, no matter what I'm doing.  It's sooo much better in the dough room.  Way more relaxed.


  1. Will that white bunny in the first picture with just the couple of spots be around when I'm there in march? Cause I would very much love to cuddle her!

  2. She should still be here! She will be close to weaning age or just past it, but I can probably leave her with mommy for a time afterwards so she's more friendly than the rest that'll be out in the meat pen. :)
    WOrk was tough last night, a rougher day- still tired and stiff and my foot is super stiff but I'll work it out today!