Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Well today was the last day o fmy restritions, MUCH happier now that they are over and done with.  Dr. Perry said the gallbladder seems to have been inflammed because of drastic changes- so the huge weight drop back in September to October was what spurred the problems.  Lots of cholestrol was built up inside the gallbladder along with gallstones.  So in a month or so when I'm ready to actually see another doctor again- I'll be having some bloodwork done just to check and monitor it.
 They took my bloodpressure, just like weight and temp, when you go into the office and they were quite shocked that it was sitting at 131 over 92- asked me if I was stressed.  Just minorly.  I was super tired, because the atrociously strong winds with the cold front woke me up early and it sounded like the wind was peeling the roof off the house- so yeah- just a little stressed. 
But cleared to start working Heidi again, he said if I was daring enough, I could go home and ride today.  No not on a green bean horse!  Besides, the holes she'd leave in the sopping wet ground we'd never be able to get filled in. 
So Tomorrow we'll lunge under tack and see what happens.  Any craziness will be worked out and so long as it's still decent I might go ahead and get up on top of her and go for a stroll around- hopefully the ground will be froze. 
I can't wait to get them both Heidi and myself going again!
As for bunnies, I've been through my current litters; Grace, Marcie, Natalie and Belle's litters.  I'm not going to keep anything from Natalie's litter as they call came out grays(as expected actually)  I might keep her foster son which is actually a blue buck out of Kylie and a chocolate buck named Sawyer.  I'm watching a buck out of Marcie as her nice doe baby as already been spoken for, and I'm watching a buck and doe combo out of Grace- the doe more for type than markings.  That's all I have right now, I'm waiting to sell off Anna until I can find an equally nice tort doe.  I want to go back to tort, blue and Blacks with just a few steel, Gray and Chinchillas.
Sawyer x Kylie's Son
Rafik x Marcie's son that I'm watching
Rafik x Marcie's daughter that's already been spoken for
Rafik x Grace's son that I'm watching- I forgot to do his sister.
As for myself I had my final follow up appointment with my surgeon Dr. Perry and I'm fully released!  I can go back to riding, and working Heidi, lifting full weights again.  I am thoroughly excited.  I haven't felt this good since last June!  Thankfully it's now all over.  I've got 4 more scars to add to the large one on my leg from a box cutter from work.  The gallbladder was heavly lined with cholestrol and other fats, besides the two large stones and it was the base cause of the pluerisy as well.  Dairy products and Peanut butter still bother me and I'm now on a probiotic and a fiber suppliment daily but I can live with that over how I was feeling!  I'm fully ready to use this year to get medically back on track!
Now that this is over and done with, I'm going to have my cholestrol checked again this year and get myself back on track with yearly blood work to watch mine.  At least now I know that rapid weight loss back in Setptember was what spurred this.  Now to get fit! 
This chick is ready to kick some butt!

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