Sunday, February 10, 2013

Round about work

Well I took today to start doing some ground work with Heidi again-make sure she's safe to get on again after having almost 2 months off.  Ground work went very very well.  Just some basic bending and flexing with some temperment check.  I smacked her a few times with the rope just to see if she was going to freak out on me and nothing.  Good Good.  Hopefully means I won't get a flying lesson tomorrow.
Colbys still going on and off his feed.  Even with the bleach cleaned bottle so I'm getting his full sister in eventually, and one of his daughters and a grandchild of his.  Now just hopefully it will be enough to keep his bloodline strong while I work on getting in some unrelated torts and get the torts building back up.  I again ran the thought of selling them all off to focus on Heidi- but then I snuggled with Grace and Marcie's babies and knew I couldn't do it.  Cut them down, Yes.  I'll be selectively breeding out several of my blues in the next few months and keep a baby and move the parents.   I know Leo, Becky and Tigger will probably be the ones I do that to. 
Here's Becky's Leo litter:
Marcie and one of her sons:

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