Monday, February 11, 2013

Having a gorgeous day

Well I didn't get a chance to ride today- that was kind of depressing because I have been so looking forward to riding again but it was far too windy. I trust Heidi with everything, but she's still a green broke horse and a bit silly.  So I went through and did a TON of bunny pictures.  I had to get Becky's babies pictures done and do a much more thorough go through on her kits to see what I had coming up.

And then a few of the juniors most of them are for sale but this little one:Penelope, is one of the keepers.

Then off to the horses.  I had intended to ride today but it was far too windy.  The round bales I picked up yesterday riht before the rain came in, they don't like, they wouldn't even touch the first one, so I sent the second one over for the cows to eat-which they LOVE.  Good I guess.   Otherwise I was going to use it as a land filler for creating land bridges over some culverts. 
So I went ahead and at least got the horses brushed out and then got some pictures taken. 

So hopefully tomorrow after Micheal gets done with their hooves tomorrow morning I'll give her a couple more hours to relax and get used to her toes being normal and then we'll tack up and gor for a ride! 

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