Monday, February 4, 2013

Not sure where to go

     This is a bunny post ladies and gentleman-everyone will be called by their rabbitry names(almost anyway).  So I was talking to OpenFeilds farm last night and apparently Dion, HillBilly Hares and Twilight Bunny Brewery all contacted her last night and apologized for the recent uproar and drama that has encased and killed off most of the rabbit breeders integrity in the area.  Yes I had issues with Dion and I've put enough of the 'fear of god' into the little shit that he's left me the heck out of things and has FINALLY quit contacting me- leaving my dutch rabbits alone, I got him to agree to stay out of them, so Buckeye Hollow and I are both fine- as she raises dutch along side me.  The name calling I had been talking about before- this is it.
     Do I trust this?  Absolutely NOT. 
     At times it feels like that's what the 3 or 4 seem to live on is the drama.  HillBilly Hares back stabs and is two faced, I've talked to her, Twilight Bunny she's just about as stupid and two faced as HillBilly Hares- I've heard enough from another breeder friend of mine that does breed Lion Heads(that's what this started over was Lion Heads and Mini Rex, both of which a friend raises).  So I'm hoping the drama stops and Dion still doesn't contact me, in fact I half hope, after I get the baby owed to me from OpenFeilds that I can simply drop contact completely at times.  Fall off the face of the planet and just stick with my own rabbits and breeding. 
     Though I'll be spending a majority of this year building a solid tort line(two or three bucks total, and about 5 does total) like that of my blues and those will be my main two colors with some black, steel, the single gray, and the pair of Chinchillas(Unless I happen to get a third one from Rachel then I'll keep the trio!) for the mean time and concentrate on them and building them, I'd like to be nationally competative with them in 2014 and maybe be good enough to compete at nationals and not be laughed off the table.  Who knows, I've considered also selling a larger chunk of them down and off and just keeping a lot of them for pets with the occasional show. 
     Colby update, I checked on him last night when I put Miss Robinson in a cage and Romeo back in his(Romeo went with us for the Super Bowl party- he had a date with Kate).  Miss Robinson came home with me, and since she's almost a year old, I'm going to go ahead and breed her now.  But anyway, back to topic. COlby has had a dish swap and he's eating again.  A little probiotic and a better crock seems to have helped-ALOT.  So hopefully I hav ehim figured out and he'll be ready to rock on the tables this spring- though Catherine's tort buck, Cole, is by certainly a VERY nice rabbit.  I had picked him out of Todd Urans stock at mini convention despite I didn't need another buck since Catherine didn't need another doe(and of coarse Hazel came out Hank, a buck from the Mason's, not a doe in the end) we swapped and Life moved on.  Cole is sitting with 4 legs right now.  Hopefully now Colby can start to give him a run for his money on the table. 
     Guess this is a long enough rambling on the rabbits, time to go feed and water so I can get to work on time! 

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