Thursday, February 21, 2013

~Picture Day~

     Well it was fairly decent outside this morning- sunny and in the low 40's so I groomed up both ponies and sat out in the pasture and took a TON of pictures.  Phoenix still looks thinish bu the actually doesn't feel anywhere near as badly as he did in the past couple of months. But anyway, enough chatter, get on with the pictures!!!
     And just for some 'shits and giggles' Heidi's new purple brushes.  I used them on her today so they aren't clean anymore.  Now they do have a green set just like it at Tractor Supply which I'll be getting for Phoenix eventually. 
Just for fun shots, the ponies matching stuff!!  Hatlers and Leads, and their saddle racks!
Just waiting on the saddle!!
     So I came inside to thaw back out, I spent far too long in the barn and my fingers were numb so I came in and checked the weather, ate some lunch-had to make a run up into town and when I got back, checked the weather yet again to make sure it was correct and went out for evening feed.  The weather was forcasting sleet, freezing rain and ice for tonight so I tossed the blankets back on the horses, and as I'm typing this I can hear the ice hitting the roof so I'm glad I did! 


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