Friday, February 15, 2013


     Work was absolutely INSANE last night.  I had what would technically be classified as a weapon and the kid I was working with was being an ass- not a good combo with me, thankfully when the line I was on changed over and ran the second item- I was moved to a different area cause I was seriously ready to stab him!  I hate saying this but I'm glad the next two nights I'm with the local OCD person and my dad.  I'm bone tired and sore!  I took a 600mg Ibuprofen before bed last night and it took until a tad after 3 to finally start kicking in so I could go to sleep.  I'm still super tired but tonight I shall manage that won't be so bad; over tired versus wore out, overheated and irate. 
     This sunday, there won't be any riding for me for a little while, I have to order a new riding helmet I broke my other one after my ride.  Wonder what happens when you drop a 'light' saddle on top of a riding helmet?  Well it breaks!  Ah well, the helmet was old that I knew and I've wanted to get a new one for a while now this gives me a reason.  I shall be doing my taxes, I want to get the vet out for shots and teeth before Kylie gets here, get my other saddle ordered plus get Heidi paid off.  Must have my taxes done!
     The other thing with them, Kylie's coming for a visit.  I kind of can't wait. Gives me something to look forward to.  She'll be here over one of the rabbit show weekends so I might just go to the show for a little while.  I promised a few folks I'd be at that show.  That was just a totally random thought too!  Kylie's welcome to come but she's also welcome to stay home and sleep!  I wouldn't blame her for that one! 
     I have some nice coats coming in on my rabbits- I'm quite, quite thrilled with that.  It'll be good and helpful as the first show I do plan on entering a few, but most are going for registering reasons, then showing comes after that. 
     After snuggling with my bunnies this morning, I really do think that it's time to cut back on them.  It might mean letting a few nice ones go but so be that.  Bring in and get some torts to build back up so my torts and blues are fairly equal and I'll keep the trio of steel/gray and the trio of blacks and that'll be all besides my blues and torts. 
     I'm super glad, I got lots of kisses this morning- I got some from my bunnies and some from Heidi.  I think I might also have figured out something weird.  I'm going to look around and see what I can do to have it looked into some more but thehay quality.  Before I couldn't get the horses or rabbits to eat as much hay - not of the montgomery's hay.  But that last load of squares I got from the other guy- they LOVE it.  The horses eat up their whole bale no problems the rabbits eat it(Colby eats up his handful of hay and all his feed) so I am kinda curious as to what's going on.  I'll be putting aside some $$ again to get another load of that hay in so I can try putting out more hay and see if that helps Phoenix or not.  Gosh-bi-golly that was weird.

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