Monday, February 18, 2013


     Well I checked Juliet's babies this morning, the two lightly marked ones that I wanted to watch grow as prospective show does, are both bucks.  Good news-they're the only two bucks in her litter!  The heavier marked, the charlie and the solid black are all girls.  That's good news.     I've got a guy that wants a doe, he wants a full pair but everything is related to each other between mine and A. Lisa's New Zealands- which is fine for us, but the guy's going to have to search elsewhere for the opposite gender from the baby he gets from me/A.Lisa. 
     I did lose one fader from Grace's litter.  It seemed to refuse to thrive after weaning.  I knew it was going to die and the best part is it was a buck.  Bucks don't sell anyway, still sucks that it wouldn't grow.  I even tried to un-wean it and bring it back to being with mommy-nothing worked.  I've got a guy from TN that wants a trio and he's supposed to get Kylie-bun's blue buck baby, and a doe from each of Marcie and Grace's litters.
     I'll be re-breeding Keisha, and Legacy tomorrow.  I meant to do it today but with putting back out the water bottles I just didn't have the time(I know it's just stick the doe in with the buck and watch).  So they'll have later March litters.  I'm hopeful this time for some good babies.  Keisha's last litter, which froze, were all beautifully marked. 
     I don't know what I did to Marie, she's disappeared and I really do wonder what happened.  What did I say?  What happened?  I can't find her anywhere.  I guess everyone needs a break from people for a little while.  I'll try emailing or texting her a little bit later. 
     I'm still excited about getting my tax return back.  I pulled Phoenix's saddle pad out and it's sitting on a stand with his riser pad.  I have to clean out the barn sooo badly this coming couple of days off. Wednesday we're going to try to strap up the round bale- since the cows will eat most of it- and bring it over to let the cows eat it.  The horses won't touch it. 
     I think I figured out why everyone likes that guy in Salt Lick's hay- there's clover in it.  Ha!  Clover is the culprit!  That's okay.  I've got the bunnies eating Montgomery's hay and the horses will have to go back to it once their store of the clover filled hay is gone.  Poor babies no extra sweet clover in their hay.  No wonder they've been so excited to get their hay. 

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