Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mini Rant

     Okay this one is work related.  I've had a couple of people making assumptions about me because I am a girl.  The same stupid lines I've heard over and over:
     "Oh you can't do this, it takes a man to do this job, girls aren't strong enough" Okay jackasses, I'm probably stronger than half of them over there, and I've got a drive to see my work through-try again.
     "You probably can't keep up, if they're running hard and fast"- Okay so that may be true, but you never know until you try, Right?  How on earth do those STUPID men that I work with ever really understand that "you can do what you set your mind to do" and that I took this position after reading the job requirments and signing a peice of paper that says I read them and I am stating that I CAN do this job? 
     Okay, so I'm not your average women, I'm a tomboy, a bitch alot of the times and I've got a certain set of mental parameters in my brain that I adhere to.  I don't like people making assumptions about me if they don't know me or even understand me. 

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