Saturday, February 16, 2013

Coming together

     Well I think everything is FINALLY starting to come together.  Had a nice short, mostly relaxing night at work and I'm definently less sore today than I was yesterday.  We got out early enough that we(as in Dad and I) stopped at Walmart, got new shoe inserts for my work shoes, I got the Zyrtec allergy med since the clariton isn't working, picked up a multi-vitamin.  Came home, ate something since I was hungry from skipping lunch yesterday before work and cuddled up to bed about 1 am, an hour earlier than normal.  Got up, even got 8 hours of sleep, paid a couple bills online and ordered my new riding helmet.  It feels good to finally get some stuff done, I'm not being rushed or anything else today.  Just slow and relaxed. Now to get out of bed where I'm cozy warm to go outside where it's cold to get my furry loved ones fed. It'll be all good.
     For any of those that don't know me too well at all, I have been dying to see this one guy play live and with Nestle doing a plant wide shutdown first part of April, Dad and I might go to Florida for a few days of it.  I swear I will see Dustin Seymour play live and I don't care if it's at the local pub.  Two of his songs I want to hear him sing them in person- Up in Flames and My Last Stand.  I am so in love with those two songs, plus a few by Christian Kane(Eliot Spencer from Leverage) Both have phoenominal voices. and Dustin's soo good looking.  What's wrong with me? 
     I guess one might say I woke up in a positive mood today, ready to go! 

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