Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Good ole' days

     I really do wish the weather would make up it's mind.  It's been gorgeous the past couple of days and coming into my 5 day weekend, it's going to SNOW.  What is going on?  I got stuff to do, things I really want to do and stuff I need to do.  Come on mother nature!  I'm so tired of the cold, tired to carrying hot water jugs to the barn for the bunny bottles.  Let's be a little more condusive to helping get things done.
     I'm really hoping my tax return gets back to me this week sometime.  I really want to get the stuff ordered that I need so it makes it here in time.  I want/need to get Heidi paid off, get a saddle to fit Phoenix and the rest is going to be set aside for one trip or the other. 
     Thinking trips, I finally looked up directions for the rabbit show I had intended to go to this weekend- and that's a no go.  I didn't realize when I went to it a couple years ago that it's moved locations, it used to only be about 2.5 hours, it's now over 3 hours and I just simply can't do that, the 2.5 hours was pushing it only because of the time I have to get up in the mornings.  So my first show this season will be Shepardsville.  Kylie gets to come with me as well!  Hopefully we'll have a registrar there and I can get the chunk I needed to get registered, get them done.  It's only Connie, Marcie, Raf, Natalie and Colby! 
     Anyway.  It's that time of the morning to get moving, and the wind is howling outside so that just adds to the fun.  I saw the ponies both laying down sleeping when I came home last night so hopefully they're well rested before this nasty weather rolls in.

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