Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ups and Downs

     Well Colby was switched back to his bottle now that they've thawed back out- and he's back to not eating all his feed again.  So maybe it wasn't the dish, so I gave him a dish for water and have his bottle inside soaking with a light bleach mix, cap and all, the only thing not soaking in the bleach mix is the rubber gasket.  I scrubbed the outside of his bottle clean too, so let's see how that works, I'll be putting the bottle back out tomorrow.  It can't be the lack of sunshine, cause depsite the chill I've been leaving the barn door open(thankfully nights are above the freezing point for the bottles!).
    With  him going up and down, I'm looking into bringing back a daughter of his, he seems to have only thrown decent daughters and if he rebounds a daughter x father cross isn't bad at all.
     I do have another litter of blues coming up. Three solidly good litters of blues on the ground this spring.  Now to focus back on my torts and get them back together. One color at a time apparently.  Blues and torts, that's where Aya Sora Rabbitry is going!
     On other rabbitry news- We will be bringing back in a pair of Velveteen Lops!  Greg is coming home later this spring and I'll be out looking for a wife for him- a broken blue preferrably!
     On the horse front- we've found a lesson barn that will work with plus sized riders, but they haven't gotten back to me yet.  I'm tossing up using the supposedly large safety bonus from work to get another wintec saddle.  The tossed up part of that- should I get another AP or go for the dressage saddle?  I know I want a Wintec 18" Cair panels with interchangable gullets so I can adjust it to fit Phoenix or whatever horse I have after him since Heidi's is a Wintec Wide AP 18" Cair panel interchangable gullet system too. 
    Not much of an update. 

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