Sunday, February 17, 2013

Utter grossness!

     Well since the bottles had frozen completely I took them down and inside today.  They're gross, I knew they were gross.  And I let them thaw in the bathtub while I went over to my aunts to have a chatty afternoon(and relaxing) and also get my taxes done since she's got TurboTax and my Federal is all done and e-filed, state needs to be mailed in yet. 
     I'm hoping I can get it back in the next week or two so I can order the saddle for Phoenix.  He's actually looking and physically FEELS decent under all his fluff.  Heidi needs more excercise, she's getting chunky!  I'm glad to see this actually though.  If with the cutback on the grain, Heidi can still put on weight and Pheonix can add weight, I'm THRILLED!
     The tax return will get Heidi's last payment done, get the extra saddle for me to ride Pheonix and the rest will be held onto for my trip to NY this June and probably a trip to FL to see Dustin preform live.  That's my biggest thing right now.  I REALLY want to see and meet Dustin.  Can I say a minor crush on him just via his voice and the 'tone' in which he carries in his voice. 
     The rabbits are doing actually quite nicely.  I'm happy with the way they are coming along.  I still need to work on my tort dutch but that'll be coming this spring/summer as I add some more to it.  I actually think Dalton's starting to grow-that's good news!  Time for me to start getting peice by peice of my new cages at least the other buck cages- I'll start with them first.  Dalton, Colby and Leo will get the first set.  I might have to get the last brood doe cage after that, as I already have 2 of the 30 x 36's, just need the third one and then the legs for it.  That'll be a good thing, get the last of them done then it'll be one more stacking set of 30 x 30's to get and then I can re do the cage system in the barn and be rid of the tiny cages that I'll only use for the Hollands. 
     The bleach I used today is making my hands STINK and are so super dry.  So I'm going to stop typing and get some lotion on them- at least help the dryness.  Hopefully I get up early enough tomorrow to get some pictures of the horses to post, I haven't taken any of them in a long time!   

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