Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snow Ponies

Just some pictures of the ponies in the snow.  The snow will be gone in a few short days . . . Thankfully!

And a small bunny update- I've been having problems with Colby's weight for a while.  I finally changed him to a different crock a shorter but wider one and today marks 3 days that he's eaten all his food- YES.  Score!  GOod he can put weight back on and be a nice show buck again!  I am going to start cutting back a few of the blues and a few of the steels in favor of bringing my torts back in.  Torts are the only ones I've regretted neglecting, I used to have quite a few nice torts but this or that one has died and with Colby I sold his parents and kept him, Hank was supposed to be a doe and turned out a buck I've tossed the idea around of getting out of rabbits completely a few times.
     But I don't think I could.  I'd love to be able to board Heidi and start really working on her but I don't think she'll like it, she likes being outside 24/7 and not many places down here have pasture board, and definently none near me. Kylie's helped me find a place that will work with plus sized riders, now to let it get warm enough again so I can start lessons and maybe A.Lisa will start with me as well so I'm not lonely.  I do want to one day try dressage and I know Heidi's not the horse for that, too heavy and clutzy but one day I'll have a horse that I can do this on.  While I didn't mind jumping I think Dressage is still the way to go for me!  Maybe a hunter coarse or something here or there.  Soooo many things running through my head!

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