Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Some Cheerful thoughts for a dreary day

     Tax return is back!  YES,  I've got my eyes on the saddle for Phoenix. I'm hoping to find it locally- someone has one listed on craigslist, I have to send them a message about seat size and does it have the changeable gullets, is it flocked or CAIR panels.  I want one with the interchangeable gullets and the CAIR panels since I don't know anyone that can change the flocking.   Time to grab my cell phone and send them a message!!  If not I've got my eyes on one on Ebay, not much more than that.  The gullet kit I'll have to order soon too, it has the gauge and the extra gullets there, they usually only sell with the medium.  I'm fairly sure Pheonix is a medium wide. Very very good.
     The second part of this is I'll finally have the last payment on Heidi done!!!!  Heidi will be fully paid for and fully mine. I started to pay for her just under a year ago(April 2012 was the first payment, I'm fairly sure)  Finally.  That'll be one more thing lifted off my mind.  One less thing to make a payment on or mentally keep track of what I owe to people.  
     The sad parts that at first bothered me but they don't now is the rabbit show.  I know a few years ago I went to this show, but it's changed locations and it's 3 hours away.  I wanted to go to it soo badly but there's just no physical way I can get up early enough to show there. I might make a day trip out of it to drive up and at least Register a couple bunnies and finish the trade for Bethany to a tort doe. I think if I do everything correctly I should be able to get a solid tort line going just like my solid blue line.  I'll be picking up the second set of buck cages this coming weekend as well.  It's just exciting seeing things all come back together like they are.  I'm finally coming together and getting everything organized, maybe 2013 is the year I get my act completely together! 
     The first part of my 5day weekend this weekend will be spent cleaning and reorganizing my room a little bit.  I've got a few things that need to get cleaned up and moved about  to hopefully help de-clutter my room.  I'll probably get rid of some of my books and a few other odds and ends little stuff so that I can get my room wayy more organized than it is. Got so many things in my head I need the time to sort it all out!  I've been feeling so energized for the day and the ride home after work at night usually settles me enough to crawl into bed, check my email and go to sleep. 

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