Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First ride in 2.5 months!

It was good, had to get both of us back into it for riding. It was only about 30-45 minutes but It was a good start, we ended on a good note after a little fuss-fuss over wanting to be done when Heidi said so and me saying NO. 
We did alright for today, especially not being undersaddle in 2.5 months and no real lunging at all either, did a little bending and bonding work but that's been all.
Pheonix ran the fence the whole time we were out of the fence.
Gave all 3 of us a good work out- that's for sure.  Heidi did do better steering, she tried to tell me when she wanted to stop, but I made her kept going and ended on my note and a good one at that. Then, since I know the ponies have wanted it soo badly for sooo long I let them out into the backyard to eat some of the green grass near their pasture.

As for bunny update- I have a sale ready for one of Becky's babies when it gets up there. Someone wants a blue showable doe ready for KY Cup in April- a baby.  Okay, no problem there!  I'm also looking into switching rabbit feeds yet again.  The Nutrena is just simply too far away to go and get, in Alexandria, when I start to run out- 2 hour drive EACH WAY.  Seriously not a fun day when it comes time to get Rabbit Feed.  I'm looking at PenPals, which is almost an hour closer in Cynthiana.  I've heard plenty of good reviews about it and I have another closer rabbit breeder and friend that uses it and she loves it.  Still working the cost analysis on it to compare Purina Dealer, Nutrena Dealer, PenPals Dealer and a Manna Pro dealer.  I seriously love doing cost analysis', I need to get this love for genetics and learn color genetics of Dutch rabbits.  I much prefer the math!

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