Friday, February 8, 2013

Long wasted trip

Well today I was supposed to pick up 6 more bags of Nutrena Naturewise for the bunnies- well they sold 5 of the 6 bags that were supposedly set aside for me.  Crappy.  So I got at least one of the bags. Thankfully that will still hold me over until the next 5 day weekend when I will make them put my FULL name on the bags.  Oh well. 
But we took Piper, Paris and Luna with us to K&M Feed and Tack.  The girls LOVED it.  It was soo fun to take someone else with me up there that can truely understand and enjoy that as much as I do. 
We came home with 1 bag of bunny food, 1 bag of Phoenix's feed, a pair of goatskin gloves for Jim, a Raspberry colored llama halter and a warmer pair of socks for dad that say "My lucky Hunting Socks!"
I got some pictures of the girls at least.  I Miss having a dog SOOO much. 
I got a quick picture of the cows after Uncle Jim got the round bale out.
Today was the last cold day for a little while, so hopefully there is enough warmth to start working Heidi tomorrow afternoon.  Tomorrow morning will be a 'Swap meet' at Tractor Supply Company, Natalie's dutch babies, Belle's dutch babies, my mini rex doe will be there(but she's already got a taker) and Miss Robinson- a New Zealand doe.  

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