Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sometimes . . .

     I've had enough, Nestle is toast.  They're going to get what they ask for.  That place has me so wounds up, angry, blood pressure through the roof I can't take it anymore.  I went awol last night and flipped.  Enough is enough already.  They put me into a crew, they're the ones that told me that I wasn't leaving that line, and now they're saying the line will be down the next two Saturdays, but I have to work one of them.  HELL FUCKING NO.  I'm line 8, my line doesn't run, I don't work.  PERIOD END OF STORY.  That's exactly what I'll tell my supervisor too.  She wants to walk me out and fire me- go ahead!  I'll find something else to pay for my rabbits and I'll bring Heidi home until I can move her back again.  The two of us are making good progress there and everything but apparently I'm not good enough or something.  Seems like everything I try nothing happens.  NOTHING.  I'm so fed up with everything.  Just so wrong.  I need to blow my anger off on something.  Reapplying to these places isn't working, to hell with them.  Tuesday I'll go back to Boonesboro vet and inquire and drop off my resume.  Something, anything has to give. 

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