Saturday, February 8, 2014

Happy Days!

     Very happy, tired, but happy and amused.  Jess FINALLY started working again.  Don't know for how long yet but still working again.  Awesome.  Now she has to keep said job and hoping by the end of March she'll have almost enough for a small studio apartment and can get her own place.  That's my hopes and dreams.  She had said she planned to have her own place by March so lets see if she still thinks she can.  
     I know right now, as in before work, I don't have a lot of time but I'll type as much and as fast as I can.  I am hopeful for a new job at least an interview next week.  I'll be putting in some more applications starting again next Wednesday.  I've got so much to do and so little time!  I have about my strongest desire to leave Nestle as I ever have, other than Eli.  I do quite enjoy talking to Eli.  He's funny and just good to talk to.  Laid back people are always the best.  Several co-worker, including Eli's partner on line 6, Jason, thinks the two of us would make a great couple.  I don't know so much about that but we're both single both low mid aged and we work well together.  We'll see what happens.  I'd hate to leave him behind after we rather got to know each other.  I know the other day I started to clean Line 6 dough after he got done(I was on White flake and waiting for 8 to get ready to be cleaned) and he stayed for a while and helped me clean and we were just talking.  It was relaxing.  
     Bailey has been a source of amusement these last few days.  I know she's itchy between dry skin and rain rot she's just beyond itchy.  I"m still toying with the idea of homing her out.  My head is telling me to do it she needs a child to bond to;  my heart says no she's safer with me.  Both are true so which one do you go with?  She's been a good source of amusement as I never know where her feed pans are in the morning.  This morning I watched her pick up her pan that's up by the barn(where I feed her) and walk around the pasture with it in her mouth.  She's down to a half a bale of hay a day and she doesn't quite finish that so there's still a TEENY bit of waste still but not as much anymore.  She's looking so good under her blanket I can't wait for the weather to turn better so I can take the blanket off and give her a good brush down.  I may start her with some Rice Bran oil to help her coat and skin a little.  I hate putting so much into the mare if I'm just going to rehome her in the spring though.  What to do, what to do, so many choices, so little time and energy to devote to thinking about it!  
     I really need to win the lottery, really I do!  Then I could buy a place with a good 5 or 6 acre pasture, and a small area I can make a riding arena.  Keep Heidi, Bailey and get one of these two lovely ladies!  I myself prefer the bay color over the black but I'm used to HEIGHT and WIDTH now and I think the Bay looks wider than the black(plus never been that big of a fan of black to start with).

     Oh the joys to being broke!  Can look but can't have!  Bay mare is $1250 Black $1600.  I bet we could talk the guy into $2500 for both- he IS a horse trader.  Some nice big windfall of money would be good!  Anyone have a spare $1250 I can have to buy the bay mare!?  Hehehe.  Then I could really ride into town for Court Days on her.  Of coarse I'd take her both western and english and she should fit a regular FQHB western.  Oh I'll dream of coarse. 

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