Thursday, February 13, 2014


     I did get up to my visit with Miss Heidi today.  It was relaxing.  For the first little while I was by myself, just Heidi and myself, then Sandy joined us messing and medicating Spencer's eye.  It's always so calming to be there with Sandy, Spencer and Heidi.  The four of us.  Heidi enjoys Spencer's company.  I'm hoping I can get a new job and be able to afford to keep her there and bring Bailey to join her.  I've made the full mental choice to keep Bailey.  Bailey will be safer with me and I've kind of grown fond of the little black pony blob.  
     I'm so glad to have gotten in a short ride today, it tells me she really does need her teeth done.  Still a lot of head toss. Hopefully I can get them in to do her teeth next weekend over my 5 day.  I"ll be calling Haygard tomorrow.  Then once I have my teeth done, Heidi's done, then I'll have to add Bailey's shots and crap to the list of things.  I have my dentist appointment set for the 21st.  The one tooth WILL be getting fixed or pulled.  I've already told them that it would have to be done.  I'm still hoping Heidi's going to be alright with the dentist.  She'll be sedated I know but still.  I've never seen a power float done.  First time for everything!  
     So far Jess has held onto her job for a decent length of time.  Longer than Nestle!   I bought some clippers the other day and did a craptastic job shaving Ayden down, but Ayden's more comfortable.  The two of us are doing okay with each other right now.  We've certainly had better times but we're not at each other's throats at the moment.  Well I'm not at hers, she's not big enough to be at mine.  
     Two more days of torture until I can go see my baby girl again.  And a week from now BOTH girls will be getting baths.  

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