Sunday, February 16, 2014

Better Days

     Things have certainly started improving.  I've mentally gone to a much better place.  I'd still like to lose more weight faster, but at least I'm finally 2 pounds down from Jan 1st.  Just a tad bit too slow for me.  Must get to work on it better.  Eventually, eventually.  Once it warms up I'll start taking Bailey out walking, and I'll just simply do more outside exercise in general.  Right now I'm curled up under my electric blanket(From Aunt Lisa) with Ayden- who also loves the blanket since I shaved his fur off.  I'll have to move a few of these other blankets off the bed and then move him some more so I can sleep.  I don't know why I've never thought about using one before, my only thought is I'd always be afraid of the wiring shorting out- weather the wall/house wiring or the blanket's wiring.  Fire's have scared me, except in a wood stove for 9 years now.  Bonfires and wood stoves don't bother me in the slightest.
     I didn't get a chance to get up and see Heidi today, just too many errands to do and just ran clear out of time!  Got home after a yummy chinese lunch today, in time to give Bailey a lice treatment, got her halter fitted to her, which is also a nice bright pink like her blanket and got back inside.  Pulled my new electric blanket out and put it on the bed and turned it on low to start slowly warming up my bed.  We dropped Ayden on the bed and he snuggled right down into the warming blanket.  He LOVES it too!  I don't blame him, he's been cold ever since I shaved his fluff off.  I knew he would get cold but he's less itchy and he is cooler.  He would constantly pant before, he's not used to having that kind of fluff on him.
     I am certainly more happy with the way life is going.  Certainly I can still use a better job and I won't stop looking until I get it.  I've got my dentist appointment to start getting my teeth straightened away again.  I figure every 3 weeks, over every 5 day weekend for as long as I'm at Nestle, I'll get a little more done on my teeth. It's late and the internet is dead- so this was typed while I was waiting for the internet to come back up.  But it's time for sleep.

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