Sunday, February 9, 2014

Horse dates

     Between Jasmine, Phoenix, Bahloo, Heidi and now Bailey  I have learned so much and I get a minor feeling, I'm in line to learn some more.  I really think Bailey's bred, and without much doubt I'd bet Drifter is if Bailey is.  Could be neither are but they both could be or even just one be bred.  So I'll learn about foals that way if she is bred.  I'm hoping I'm well wrong but Bailey's just- weird.  Her belly shifts and moves way more than Heidi's, Phoenix's or even Jasmine's used to.  I might have to invest into a stethoscope to listen and see if that helps, or wait until March when the vet comes out to do her shots and coggins and have him palpate.  I might try to get him out Wednesday or Thursday.  I'll have to call them first thing tomorrow morning.  Hopefully I can get him out!  I really am worried.  I don't know what I'd do differently but I do know that it'll be less to mentally mess with if I worry.  
     I still have six of the 7 babies born to Alura.  I finally was able to look through them today.  2 Have waves in their saddles, while showable not high on the priority list as show stock, 1 has a split stop so that marks it as a disqualification.  1 DQ baby in the bunch.  The runt that died was show ably marked.  I'm hoping at least one of the really nice babies is a buck to replace it's daddy.  I can't wait for these babies to hit the showtable.  
     My tax return is back and already half gone.  But I've gotten my bills from St Claires all paid off, got Bailey's blanket and my alternator paid off from where dad paid for them.  I got some blanket wash ordered, Heidi's mid weight blanket ordered while they were on sale.  This way I have her a midweight for when I actually need it I'll have it.  Eventually, over the summer I'll order the neck cover and the heavy weight so I have them for when she gets old.  If I keep Bailey I'll order the set for her as well, she needs the heavy, neck cover and the rain sheet.  I may totally skip the neck covers as I'm not a freak for using them anyway.  But my girls will have their 'jackets' and I could keep them good from here.  Keeps Bailey and Heidi set up for the future down the dream.  
     I am still dreaming about that Clyde mare.  I'd LOVE to put her with my herd, she'd be a good second horse to have here for people to come ride with me.  Sadly I do not have the money to buy her so I can just drool.  She'd have blue for her color.  It's planned out already!  Heidi in purple, Bailey in pink and the Clyde mare in blue.  
     Just imagine her in blue, a nice blue saddle pad, and bright blue halter- yummy.  Yes, but I'll continue to dream.  It's the end of my dream to have two horses for riding so I can have a riding partner.  I'll have to wait and watch and see what I can do as the time goes on.  Who knows, I may end up keeping Heidi at a boarding barn and never have the need to get a second riding horse.  I'll always keep it in the back of my mind.  Bailey is also a second concern.  She does need a friend here. I'll stop dreaming now while I have a chance.  Time to move on to something else to dream and drool over!

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