Friday, February 21, 2014


     I can finally breath easier, Heidi's teeth are done and I have mine set up now to be fixed.  The one broken tooth on the bottom left will be full root canal and crown.  The only other option was to pull the tooth.  If I can, I'd rather keep all my teeth.  Then Once that get's all done then I'll go through and get all the other teeth fixed up where I've had other cavities start forming.  A lot of it's most likely from the soda and other acidic drinks and foods.  So he got me on a high fluoride toothpaste until then and I'll stay on the Pronamel afterwards.  Once all the cavities are fixed, then I'm going to look into braces to straighten my teeth back out.  Can't wait!  I'll finally have a smile that I LOVE.  
     Heidi's teeth were bad, not horrible but still bad.  She had points in the back, one of which had made an ulcer against the side of her mouth.  It wasn't bad at all.  She was an angel for Dr. Molly Culberson.  She was only very lightly sedated and she has a nice big mouth for her to work in.  She didn't mind the power tools and she was eating much better afterwards.  Still a little slow and mopey but I'm not sure if that was on purpose or accident. I'm glad.  Eases my mind quite a bit.  
     I got home, after stopping and picking up a few things on the way, like a new point and shoot digital camera since I broke the battery door on the Nikon(how I'm not sure) and while it was charging, I still had Jess', I went out and gave Bailey supper.  I really think she's pregnant, I really do.  Monday I'll have to take a quick visit up to my vet and set up a date/time for Dr. Ben to come out and do all Bailey's crap.  

     Heidi and Bailey were both stars today.  Bailey took the huge jump and change in her feeding schedule all in stride today.  She was fed breakfast early and supper late, I didn't even get the chance to show her where her hay was, she just guessed.  Which thankfully was in the same location as yesterday's hay pile.  
     Tomorrow will be a Heidi day, then Sunday home, and Monday back in Winchester both for job applications and for sweet feed for Bailey.  Plus I can play with the new camera!  Got to see what I've got going here.  

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