Thursday, January 9, 2014

Very pleased!

     I am VERY pleased that Bay Girl(Will fondly be known now as Bailey) and Cream girl (Who will be called Drifter)  did VERY well over the cold spell.  I cut the blankets off Bailey and she's been open aired for a couple of days, she's out and about and moving around the pasture with Drifter on their own.  Still mostly drinking out of the drainage creek instead of the water tub but heck, they're drinking!  Their poop is wonderful, I picked through it and it looks awesome.  Their pee is still a bit darker than I'd like to see but it's not syrupy.  They're putting on a bit of belly fat.  Good, keep putting weight on is what I want.  

      If Drifter keeps making the progress that she's made in just the few 5 days that she's been here, she'll be adoptable soon!  Bailey will be another story.  I don't know if she'll ever be adoptable due to her blindness.  She's been a real good girl though.  She should make a good companion pony for someone somewhere.    I've had an offer to bring them to Scott County An imal Control- they'll take them, rehab them, She did tell me there was a 99.9% chance likeliness that Bailey would be put down due to being blind and un-adoptable.  She's barely 4 or 5 years old, I just won't take that kind of chance.  Blind horses can still be placed, there are still homes out there that are willing to deal with them.  So she'll stay with me until she does get a good safe home!
     If Bailey hadn't started following Drifter around I would have allowed Drifter to go over to Aunt Lisa's to finish up her rehab and rehome.  
     I can't wait to see Heidi tomorrow, it's been so long since I have seen my baby.  I talked to Sandy(Originally called her Sara, brain keeps calling her Sara) today and she checked Heidi daily for me and said she's alright, she misses me though.  I'll be spending the next couple of days going to her, should be decent temperature wise, both camera's are ready and we're going to ride and play!  She's still my heart and soul, though we might add Bailey to our mini herd.  I'm still fighting and struggling to find a new job, I'm sad that if I don't as soon as Drifter finds a new home, I'll probably bring Heidi home.   Not until after she gets her teeth done by Haygard but Bailey will need to get her shots and teeth done by my vet.  
     If I can get a new job and afford it, I'll move Bailey to Tamarack as well- assuming she doesn't get a new home.  I will not let her go to home that will breed her, cataracts can be hereditary and she doesn't deserve this.  She deserves a comfortable life after what these people in the past have done to her.  What can I say, she's growing on me.  I have to get some of my grooming stuff and bring it home tomorrow so I can groom these two girls out and clean 'em up.  

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