Thursday, January 23, 2014


     I was by myself for the most part of today.  I sat and worked on at least one project that I've been meaning to do for a long time: Phoenix's collage.  Made me miss him deeply.  I didn't realize how much I would miss him being here.  I know it had been his time as he was old.  I'm still worrying that it was the wrong thing, or wrong time.  It wasn't, had he not gone, I wouldn't have the room/space for Bailey.  Everything happens for a reason.  

     Thinking to those lines, my Holland boy Gabriel passed away last night.  I knew he was going to go soon as the last temperature fluctuation he seemed to start losing motor functions in his hindquarters.  He was *almost* 8 years old.  April 30th 2006-January 23rd 2014.  I've had him since he was 7 weeks old.  I will eventually miss having my lops around but I will not ever get back into them.  They sure are adorable.  I do love a good lop ear.  I may get another one eventually, but as a pet ONLY.  Just because Gab came out as good as he did, and Speedle too, doesn't mean I'll get lucky more than once. 

     So as it was HORRIBLY cold today and I just wished it was warmer so I could play with one pony or the other today it never happened.  It should be decent on Sunday so I might make my way over to Heidi and try to get a ride in.  I don't know how she'll be after two weeks off.  

     I did put in another application to Masco Cabinets- same place that dad's just waiting on his drug test so he can get his start date.  So he's out of Nestle,  my turn!  I'm more than willing to take a pay cut to get out of there.  Even if it means bringing Heidi home.  Tomorrow I'm going to have mom call that dentist office behind DQ and set me up to have this tooth pulled on Friday.  I've got to get it out.  Or at least something.  I need this tooth pulled before it causes me any more discomfort.  It's only Thursday now, I have to go back to Nestle tomorrow and Saturday before I can go see Heidi, then a LONG 4 straight days to a 5 day weekend to recover again and keep working at a new job!  I have so much to do over my 5 day weekend I'll be bone dead tired but it'll all be good in the long run.  I've got to get hay Friday or Saturday, get that tooth pulled hopefully Friday, and most definitely get over and work with Miss Heidi again!  Even if it's just free-lunging under tack again.  I'm hoping to get up for a ride at some point, I need to find Lucky's mom again to start talking to her about putting some training rides on Heidi as the spring comes.  She'll need those training rides before I bring her home.  

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