Thursday, January 30, 2014

Smile and Laugh

     Bailey makes me smile something crazy right now,  seeing as I was up early enough today(left my bedroom door open because closed makes my room COLD) that I had some time when I went out to feed.  Got her fed, the bunnies done and sat on half the hay bale that was outside as she was eating off the rest of the bale.  I miss doing that with Heidi.  Eventually Heidi will be home and I'll be able to sit out with the two of them.  I think I have decided that I'll bring her home eventually and I'm going to keep Bailey for the mean time.  
     My morning amusement as I posted for the ladies at AFGAFH:  my work schedule is 3:00pm-3:30am Tuesday night after work(technically Wednesday morning) it's -4 outside and we came out to a flat tire outside. so by the time dad and I got it changed and got home I was FROZEN. it was super late, didn't bother to try a hot shower to warm up, slept maybe 3.5 hours because I was so damn cold couldn't warm up. So Last night my toes still getting obscenely cold at work, I had mom leave the heating pad on my bed so I could warm my feet up and go to sleep easier. Got home, warmed them up, and literally just as I clicked the heating pad off the power went out. I freaked out thinking I blew a fuse or something with the heating pad. I crawled out from under my blankets (2 fleece and a comforter) left the still warm pad under there so I'd have a warm bed to climb back into and used my cell phone for light to find my flashlight and looked outside. No one's outdoor security lights were on. *phew* wasn't me, just a HUGE coincidence. Then couldn't get to sleep because the power blinked on and off about 8 times, plus the fan in my room wasn't running and I apparently can't sleep without it now. Each time I learned my alarm clock has this ring to it as it powers back up and the answering machine 'ALMOST' went outside. Finally the power came back on and stayed on and I went right to sleep for 5.5 hours. :p I was laughing so hard trying to tell my folks the story of the heating pad knocking out the power.
      I thought it was funny, I mean really how can a heating pad kick the power?!  I just laughed so hard about it   Well one more night of pure torture then a decent 5 day weekend ahead!  

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