Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Progress is SLOW

     Progress has been slow, it's almost February and I have yet to lose any weight(in fact as of this morning still half pound over Jan 1st), still haven't gotten another job-though I did get notification that I got turned down for a position at Catalent and have yet to get everything settled and organized. Right now I just feel like sitting down and crying- I'm over tired and just not in the mood to deal with real life.  It's too darn cold- helping dad change a flat tire at 3:30 in the morning so we could go home from work when it's -4 outside did nothing to help.  Then I couldn't sleep for hours because I was too damn cold.  So over all slept like shit, feel like I've done been run over by my own pickup truck and feel like I'm going BACKWARDS.  But I'm still trying for a new job, still working on controlling my weight.  I can't wait to get this week of work over and done with, it'll be back to average temperature for most of my 5 day weekend.  I can go play with Heidi- I'll get Bailey out and I can get my rabbit cages clean again, not to mention take a couple more out of the barn so I can take the cage above it's trays out.  Right now I'm working on cutting down the number of rabbits that I have and I did make another choice- I'm cutting down to 3 or 4 Torts, I'm going to mainly blue, steel and chinchilla.  
     Thinking, Bailey's blanket came in the other day and she LOVES it, it's warmer and she can lay out, even in this below 20 degree air, in the sun.  She can move better since it actually FITS her.  She's such a doll, I think she'll just have to stay here with me and eventually Heidi.  She follows me around the field it's fun to watch her ears go every direction when I stop moving and hold my breath as she's trying to find me.  Her head is at my right shoulder as we walk around the pasture in the mornings.  Just love her.  

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