Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pursuing the future

     I've done some pretty good thinking and choices.  Walking away from some things should only open the door to a few new opportunities.  I've chosen to move away from the past and grow off of it.  It's about time.  I've been lead on and miss guided and forgotten by so many people and after mentally relaxing I've chosen it's time to move on.  Good bye NY past.  Yes I know my lessons from it, I will not make those mistakes again but I'm tired of trying to hang onto what I had and time to go forward with something new.  Time for a change.  I'm planning a few more changes for myself, my fur babies and my future.  Time for working harder and making progress.  I'm more comfortable with what I have to do and where I need to go.  
     I'm going to make an even harder push on finding a new job.  I really need to get away from Nestle, not only for my own mental and physical health but for my animals.  What few I am keeping I will have to get together and get things going.  
     As much as I keep going back and forth on keeping Drifter or not is hard both on her and myself.  I don't let her bond to me because part of me wants to find her a good home.  Part of me wants to keep her for the last 10 or so years of her life that she's got left.  The people that gave her and Bailey to me stopped by today and were happy to see her so fat and happy and wondered what happened to Bailey.  I told her she was rehomed and Drifter might but I had to find a good home for her.   I've had a few inquiries but nothing that really followed through.  Going to relist tomorrow and hope that some couple wants a nice calm mare for their kids/grandkids.  Drifter would do phenomenal for that.  Anyway, it's late, Allen's here and I'm going up to ride Heidi tomorrow and just keep talking to her, letting her know what's going on.   

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