Thursday, July 10, 2014


     For a couple months now I've been fighting with the sinus congestion, pain and pressure.  The diffuser doesn't take care of it completely so I'm doing what I can to get rid of it, and at first I thought it was this, that or the other thing.  Right now I'm going to try cutting the yogurt out of my diet, see if that helps.  At this point I'm going to try whatever I can see what it is and what I can do.  I'm so tired of the sinus headaches, sinus pressure, stuffy head and so on. 
     I went up to see Heidi today and it was great.  Misty came over and nickered to me as I came in the barn, since she's first stall on the right, Heidi's last stall on the right.  Then I saw her face, she's as itchy as Heidi.  Poor old girl wanted some attention.  I figured my big girl can wait a few minutes so I brushed her down and she's beyond filthy.  No amount of brushing would have gotten her clean so I took her out to the wash rack and gave her a quick short bath.  She felt much better afterwards.  

    Then she was content, so I gave my big girl some loving and brushing and cut the rest of the braids out and brushed her out while Sandy finished up Val.  Then we saw Victor come in alone and go up to the top, so I fed the bottom barn and Sandy helped me turn out everyone. Victor was quite thankful since Juan was still over with Perry doing hay.   I was telling Sandy how I need to find a good quiet horse like Misty to keep Heidi company.  She thinks that Perry might let me bring her home with Heidi so long as I keep her in good shape.  I don't know.  It's weird, she's older but she gets along with Heidi so well.  

     I'm starting to regret choosing to take Heidi home.  She's happy there with Misty.  I still have plenty to do to get a pen built for her to eat in.  If Perry does let me take Misty home with her, I'll have to ask Nelson to trailer, Perry or make two trips since both mares won't fit in the trailer together.  They would fit in the trailer together side by side and they couldn't move.  Well I"m going to sleep on it and see what happens.  
     I had to get moving today and tomorrow I'll have to leave earlier so I can get home and mow the lawn, make my little 'tv' stand to replace the one in my room, but it'll be just a table.  The current TV stand in my room covers my floor vent with it's shelving, the homemade one won't have shelving.  Thus leaving it open to let more cool air into my room.  Meant to build it a while ago but never got to it.  Breyerfest soon!  

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