Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ready To Go

     I'm sitting here at my aunt and uncles watching tv shows with them while we get ready to go to bed.  It's 9:30, we're watching Continuum and I'm working here and Facebook.  I'll plug in the laptop so I can charge up my cell phone as well before taking off tomorrow and using my cell phone tonight as an alarm clock.  It's an early morning but tomorrow night I'll be in Sunny and warmer Florida.  While we don't look forward to the trip, it shouldn't really be that bad.  I can't wait until I can get home again.  I do like doing trips but I will miss sleeping in my own comfy bed.  It'll be fun taking Tinks with us, I haven't been around some well behaved dogs.  Okay well Tinks had a bad day today, got a hold of one of the chickens.  It's a shame I think she could do well as an agility dog.  Maybe one day soon I will get myself down to just Heidi and keep her and possibly Bailey as pets.  Give up the idea of showing horses and rabbits for a while.  I think I could do Rally or Agility.  I know I could do anything I put my mind to doing but First will need a better job that doesn't kill all my time and then get my puppy and start training it.
     I miss my bunnies and Bailey already, and it'll be over a week since I last saw Heidi if I get over to her on Monday evening when we get back here.  More than likely it'll have to wait until NEXT Friday when I hit my 5 day weekend.  If I do everything right, I'll have just her, and maybe Bailey now to find a nearby field to put the two in during the summer months to redo my field and bring Heidi home again.  I do miss having her at home.  I like having the arena to ride in and meeting some cool people but cost wise, home is the way better option.  
     Either way it's time for me to plug in my phone to charge that up and then get myself into bed. I'll need that in the morning.  Sleepy Time!

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