Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Going into the Future

     Been a long hard weekend that just never seemed to give up.  I couldn't stop, I had to hold steady and had to keep going.  We HAD to get it done.  Mentally it didn't challenge me in the slightest, but physically, I feel it now.  I cannot wait until this coming weekend.  Sure I'll have two craptastic paychecks in a row, but I'll figure everything out.  The hardest part of goign back to work today was I didn't know exactly where I was sore and stiff.  I knew the one leg was swollen but I chucked that up to being in a truck for 3 out of 4 days plus eating out all weekend.  Right shoulder and my back is sore but it'll take a few days to get back to normal.  Good thing the Sauce room is easy nights.  I mean the lifting can be heavier at times but Tonight I was done by 5 pm, I killed time until 7 pm before I left.  7.5 hours I know isn't good for the paycheck but gave me the chance to stop by Walmart for a few things I needed to pick up.  
     The whole time I was gone, I never touched my HBP med, Vit. C and my allergy pill.  Felt AWESOME to not have to deal with it.  Grandma used at Diffuser with soem of the DoTerra essential oils in it.  I have some of the breathe oil.  Grandma and Aunt Lisa both use the Breathe and Lavender and I slept good, sinus' stayed clear.  So now I'm off and looking for a diffuser and at the moment until I can save up a little more money I'll have to use the stuff from Walmart for Lavender but if I can sleep that good again and keep my sinus' that clear again I'd be in heaven.  The HBP pill could probably go away too once I get another job.  Tomorrow morning I'm going to print and mail my resume/cover letter to Hagyard, maybe a few of the others.  Hopefully one of them or another has a spot that they can get me into to work.  But for now I'm going to stay where I am.  Sauce room isn't bad at all. 
     Well it's off to bed.  A 11:30 clock in time certainly comes early!  Need some good sleep, set the alarm on the phone and off to sleep I go!   

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