Friday, March 14, 2014

Looking up

     Well things have certainly gotten better the past week.  I got my job bid out of the dough room, I'll be the first one to get moved.  While it's not away from Nestle, it's out of the dough room and the fugly hours.  Still 12 hours, but it's 12pm to 12:30am.  Much better than 3pm to 3:30 am.  I'm still pushing and searching for a better job.  I'll keep looking until I get my dream job- something in the Vet field.  
     The four days of work actually weren't too bad this time, probably because I *know* I'm out of there, but I was more than glad to hit my long weekend.  I haven't seen Heidi in over a week.  First day, I've learned my lesson, give it as a down day, just pulled her in and gave her a deep thoroughly grooming.  I noticed a LOT more of her minor crazy things are back to normal.  So there was something with her diet while she was home that I was screwing up.  I need to take an Equine Nutrition course sometime in the future so I know more so of what I'm doing. 
     Heidi's shedding like a beast now.  It's about time she started shedding.  I'm going to wash her purple sheet tomorrow, then after I get that hung on the gate to dry, I'm heading up to go for a ride.  Sunday I should have my extra saddle sold.  As much as I wanted to hang onto it for future use, I've had a short few paychecks and someone finally inquired about the saddle.  I was going to hang onto it since it's not hurting anything sitting in the barn but the money is needed at this point.  My paycheck was half sized this week and I'm behind a little in my bills so the saddle has to GO!  I'm still going to keep the bridle I have though, even if that one is too small for Heidi.  I've got to clean Heidi's come to think of it!  Whoops!  It's still in the truck along side the other Wintec saddle.  I do know a little bit of the money from the saddle, after paying March board, and a couple of my bills, I do intend to get her a bigger brow band.  
     The bunnies, happily have been getting fewer.  I did re-breed my Chin doe for another Chin litter, but this will be the last litter for the doe as she's not the best, her ring pattern lacks.  I've just got a lot mentally going on here and I'm waiting to see what happens as it rolls on.  
     Tomorrow is a riding day for Miss Heidi, then two days home with Bailey and the bunnies, then one more day up with Heidi before going back to Nestle.  Right now, some sleep is NEEDED!  

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