Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rabbit show update

Well I've paired mine down enough to know exactly what's going and what's not. I know for SURE that these guys are going for show:
Blacks:  Connie, Tigger, Bethany-with Tigger and Bethany available for sale
Blues: Raf, Marcie
Steels: Natalie, Penelope
Registering: Connie, Raf, Marcie, Natalie
Traveling for sale are: the Chin jr's, 2 blue jr bucks, 2 blue jr does, Shiloh, Anna.  Originally I was going to enter the 4 blue jrs in the show, along with Shiloh but if I don't enter them, then with just the 7 going, I can afford to enter both shows.
Coming home with me- CiCi, Jamie, Marie, Jeanie- the last of my torts for a while! 

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