Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Grossness, mental and physical

     Well the rain from yesterday turned into snow last night, 2 more inches of snow . . . UHG.  I want it to get nice outside, I want to work with Heidi. 
     I've started to make a mental list of everything I want to do and a few things that have been tossed up in my mind.  I hit a road block with the rabbits and then when I came to the horses.  What do I want to do?  Where do I see myself in a few years?  I really don't know!  That's what I am going to ponder these next few days.  Am I going to continue with the rabbits?  Am I going to cut them back?  If I cut them back, who makes the cut and who doesn't?  Do I really want to continue to break Heidi out?  Do I want to send her to someone?  If I move her to boarding what do I do about Pheonix?  Can I afford to board two?  Will he make the trip and the readjustment again?  He's so buddy-buddy with Heidi I have a hard time taking her out of the feild without him.  Do I have the strength to do what's right for him if I do decide. 
     Another thing I want to do at some point this spring is pick up a handgun- even if I only target shoot with it.  I really enjoyed the target shooting that I did the other night at Ladies Night(see my main blog).  Do I really want to pick up another hobby.  I want to get back to some of my older hobbies but alas, I don't see the timing to do it.  My long weekends off, I'm usually too tired to do anything artsy and I miss it, the short couple days off I don't have the time.  I need to find another job that pays just as well as this one but has better hours.  I fear I won't find that.  I know it might mean moving- if I have to move, will I have the room to bring the bunnies?  Be able to afford to have Heidi boarded?  Nothing right now makes sense to me so I'm in a mental funk and I'll have to keep digging to get out of it. A baisc sort and compile, sort and compile.  With any luck I'll be in a corner doing something all by myself tonight so I don't have to really pay attention as much and can think about things.   I know I have to at least last through April at Nestle so I can get their contributions to my 401K but that's all about now.   I will attempt to get some pictures in the snow today but no garuntees with the camera-that or take the big camera out with me!  Pictures will be in tomorrow's update.  Though I have come to a little bit of a conclusion, I'm not letting my dutch expand much beyond the few torts I have coming in.  I do know Jeanie will be bred to Dalton and then Dalton will move on and I'll keep a son of his in his place and still be able to keep Jeanie because of Colby.  So by fall I should have a solid working line there and then hold it steady there, of coarse this is all speculation because you never know what the future holds!! 

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