Friday, March 1, 2013

Crappy drive

     Well I ended up driving to Alexandria for the Nutrena.  Turns out the PenPals dealer has to order it all in so as this bout of Nutrena runs out I'll call them again and pull in a delivery.  Tomorrow I'll be doing quite a bit of stuff again- about the only real thing to do while it's nasty outside.  I'll be going to TSC to get as many of my new buck cages as possible(3 of the 24 x 24" stackables), then taking a quick run to my aunts to get my tattoo pen and get my babies tattooed and my cages set up.  Then if the weather is still crappy, I have at least one breyer I can now paint.  I picked up a Native Dancer/John Henry model to paint as Phoenix.  He's the last  one I really need to paint that I know Breyer has a model for. Draft and draft cross mares I'll have to have custom made! 
     Anyway, on our drive up today, I finally got a spot where I had no one behind me and I could get a picture of the doorway through the stone wall.  I think it looks amusing!  Makes me think hobbit holes!
I know it's full sized, as the wall is probably close to 10 feet high at this point but still, it's cute as heck! 
And I took one of Marcie's daughters out and one of Grace's daughters out and put them side by side.  For some odd reason Grace's full litter has a more cotton like fur texture and Marcie's have nice slick fur like the rest of my dutch so after tattooing tomorrow I'm going to drag the hose into the barn and hose the weaning cages out.  Hopefully that'll help their coats improve or something else is off.  I'll figure it out!  Rachel and Dalton are both eating more and more so hopefully they're just hitting a late growth spurt and will make full size soon.  Marcie's kids are almost a week older than Grace's so that's the size difference.
Here's Marcie and Grace's daughter:
Marcie's daughter has a much shinier coat . . . It's very very weird.
Here's one of Becky's babies:
A good one of Juliet just for the heck of it!
And a few of the ponies just for some fun, these were taken a couple days ago.

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