Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cold blustery Day!

     Well I started with brushing Heidi and Phoenix both out!!  Then I put Phoenix out with Heidi since he's been pacing the fence something awful and he seems to be feeling a LOT better. 
     It was flurrying off and on all day, so while it was still warmer for the day I left their blankets off to allow the wind to blow more dirt out of their fur. 
     Well other than being a super cold day and rather unproductive, I was able to do a lot of thinking and planning and plotting of a few things.  I know I'm going to start slowly switching Phoenix over to blue, the green is so hard to find in the green grass if he loses his halter and I've got plenty of blue things as well as green.   I know he's only got limited number of months left but I might as well make them as enjoyable as possible for him! 
     And a couple quick pictures of the two most promising babies out of Becky's litter.  Thankfully they are both females!
     While I am going to be cutting my herd down, by significant numbers as I just don't find the enjoyment in them, actually quite a few of them I don't much care about.  There's some that I love deeply and still wouldn't be able to ever get rid of but then there's some that it's like eh, I don't ever call them by their names or anything so that's when it's time to start weaning them down! 

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