Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Well it's been so gross outside that everything is mud, so riding has been out of the question right about now.  But I did take a couple pictures this morning because it hadn't started raining just yet.
Heidi's getting chunky, I'm contemplating moving her to boarding and finding a pasture pal for Pheonix or even moving the two to a Pasture board situation so that I can keep working Heidi despite the mud(it'd be a place with an indoor arena).  Now I have a saddle for each one, they'll be fitted to each horse- Heidi's is a Wintec Wide AP, I think it's a 500, not a 250, Phoenix's is just a Wintec AP 250.

And as for the rabbits, I finally finished up the last tier of buck cages.

Dalton, Colby and Leo got this round of them.  These are the last of the buck cages I'm hoping, I'm moving to all the slightly bigger cages because it will Limit the number of rabbits that I can have in that barn.   I'm tossing around the idea of getting one more stack of them, and using them for the pair of Hollands and one more dutch buck.  I'm trying to mentally determine where I want to go with them, with myself and my whole current situation in general.  I just don't know anymore.  I'm still thinking of getting out of bunnies in general.  With as much as I love them, I enjoy working with them, at times I'd just rather work with Heidi.  Rainy days like today I love snuggling with them since I don't have a regular barn and can't have Heidi in a stall where I can dry her and groom her at least.
*sigh* Sadly I won't get that without boarding at this point, you see the mud in the pictures above.  Someday, someday . . . . Anyway.  Here's a couple pictures from the back of the barn facing the front of the sides of rabbit cages! 

The holland bucks, Gabriel and Speedle, are on top next to the carriers with Becky(with kits) and Natalie under neath them, and the weaning cages below that.  Then first tier of buck cages with Eliot, Raf and Syd in them.  A 30 x 30 with Connie, Penelope and Anna  and then the last 'new' buck cages with Dalton, Colby and Leo.
This side still needs work.  The 30 x 30 is the blue teir(eventually)  Grace, Marcie and then Zoey.  The 2 30 x 36's on top will eventually make a 3 teir of 30 x 36, but right now has some weanlings in it and then Rachel-bun is up there, the second row is Shiloh, Bethany, Tigger and a Chin baby, bottom is Legacy, Kylie-bun and the Mini Rex buck.  Those two bottom rows are the cages I'm trying to get rid of.  I'm not sure if I want to do one more 3 tier 30 x 30, and a 3 tier 30 x 36 and then a 24 x 24 tier or another 30 x 30 tier.   Just don't know.  I'll see when I get that far I guess!  Thats still a couple of months away.

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