Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Long belated update

     Well plenty has been going on and a few more things have popped up and a few more things just going in every direction. 
     First thing will be a bathroom update.  I started using the bathroom, literally on Thursday last week.  Well for no reason that we could tell the toilet, tub and sink all backed up on Saturday.  So thankfully we were going to be out and about almost all afternoon.  First we went to Golden Corral, then to Ladies Night at the Range. And Since I left my headlights on, I just stayed the night at A.Lisa's and we jumped the truck this morning so I could come home to feed.  Found out what was wrong with the bathroom when I came home- Jackass (James Beckley the contractor) dropped a screwdriver down the toilet hole and it got stuck at the 'T'  to the main drain pipe- blocking the toilet, tub and sink from draining.  So dad's spent his birthday-today- cutting piping out from under the house, I helped him take the toilet out again.  We'll have to re-set the toilet again, but it wasn't even attached to the floor before- hence why it was rocking.  Perfect.  I'll be without a bathroom for a few more days. 
     Pictures will come later.  I'll edit this with pictures.
     Second was the Horsie update:  Kylie and I went out for a ride on Friday- and we didn't push the two at all.  Phoenix kept wanting ot either take off running or just graze.  So we just rode easily out back and let them graze for a while, then Kylie showed me how to pull mane's and I pulled Heidi's so it's even.  She looks really really good now.  They haven't even wanted to touch the hay, so I will have to find some better hay here shortly.

     We looked at boarding/lesson barns and the 3rd one we visited was the best of the bunch!  I'm thinking of moving Heidi there this coming winter- it's Tamarack Farm if you feel like looking it up!  Gorgeous barn, it's the closest to me plus the indoor will be the biggest draw for me, I'll be able to ride in the winter and work Heidi. 
     Last update Bunnies!  We had a show on Saturday- Didn't do the best at all, lost a TON of points on fur condition.  Understandably, the Nutrena is doing better than the Purina did but I have a bag of the PenPals to give a try to and I've heard so much about the PenPals I'm VERY hopeful that it can bring the quality that I need to coat condition.  I've contacted someone that has some super nice tort dutch and asked about possibly getting a Trio put together from her. I told her what my problem was and asked if the trio could all be good light and bright.  That was my biggest problem was smutty torts.   Off Dutch here, but I finally got a litter of Holland Lops!  Legacy gave me two, they are a solid tort like it's daddy, Gabriel, and a broken tort like momma!  I'll try to get some new pictures of them before I add pictures this evening.  

     Sadly Kylie didn't get the best spring break as it's been off and on snowing the past 3 days.  Not been very good, of coarse now that she's going home, we're finally warming back up closer to where it should have been!
     And a few pictures from Ladies Night at the Range!  Me and the Walther PPK (.380 caliber) are VERY good friends!
And a pair of pictures of the Ponies from this afternoon!

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