Friday, March 8, 2013

Mental thoughts

     Well my mental thought process is back again raging war with me.  I've but plenty plenty of thought into the rabbits and even with Colby making a come back, 3 days now he's eaten a full 5 oz scoop and has been waiting for his food each morning, I'm still bringing his daughter, 2 granddaughters and his sister back into the barn. My other little tort buck is going to replace himself later this summer with the other doe I have coming in.  This other doe is completely unrelated to what I have now.  She'll be bred to Dalton first at her coming of age litter, and a buck will be kept in Dalton's place, being also unrelated to Colby she'll be held onto to produce tort litters with Colby too.
     Hopefully soon, one day, I'll have a mental complete break down of everything and keep and get everything in order.
     On other news, my bathroom will be getting redone next week, before everyone starts getting here.  Kylie will be here the week after and then the weekend after Allen, Jess and Aunt Sheri will be here. Where all these people are going to sleep I have no idea. I'm kind of hoping that Allen and Sheri will contemplate a hotel room for the couple of nights, this way Ayden, Jess and myself have our two rooms here.  Jess can have the cot, sleeping bag or the air matress, Ayden loves sleeping on my bed and I love it when he sleeps on my bed with me. 
     I took the horses blankets off for hopefully the last time this morning.  I'm going to order a blanketwash next weekend when I order the gullet kit for Phoenix's saddle.   The gullet kit should get here just in time for Kylie to get here too.

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