Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Long road

     It's been a long few days, with Phoenix being sick and everything else since Friday, I know he's feeling better as of yesterday.  Mom told me he came trotting for his dinner so he must be feeling better!  Finally, but I have drawn up a game plan for how the summer/fall is going to play out.  It'll be one of two ways.  He'll either start to fade again, and we'll put him down then, or he'll stay strong for the summer and he'll be put down in the end of summer, begining of fall area.   Either way I won't make any descions about either moving Heidi to boarding or getting another horse until later.  I'll be putting $20 or so dollars aside a week starting in April and with that I'll either be getting hay and another horse or using it to board Heidi.  Alot of my answers will be based on Kylie too.  if she moves down with Amber, then I'll 99% chance likeliness move Heidi to board where she does, so Kylie and I can ride together all winter.  The other option is saving up all summer and into fall and pick up a third horse right before I put Phoenix down, and then keep new horse and Heidi all winter here at home. I have the good hay source, I told him I'd keep his number and later summer I'd be calling/emailing to get my hay order in for the winter. 
So in making a list for Pros and Cons for boarding Heidi next fall
Pro- Having an indoor area to ride in, not having to deal with going out in the rain/snow/sleet to feed her, not having to stack as much hay for the winter, having someone to ride with(Kylie and Amber),  shoudl be able to take lessons with Heidi and possibly able to do a 'musical horse' with Kylie at times if she wanted
Con- She wouldn't be home, someone else in charge of her care(I'm used to doing my own), having to travel to go to her, Changing farriers(I LOVE the work Micheal does), Not having a lot of ride time, giving up a lot more on the rabbits. 

Anyway a lot more thought still has to go into it, but so far the Pro's are outweighing the Con's. 

     As for the rabbits I'm still debating, I'm bringing in some torts while slimming down my steels.  Selectively crossing out a few and then moving the parents on.  Grace and Leo are are the top of my list right now.  I don't like the coats that Grace throws and just not thrilled with Leo in general.  He had the bloodline that I needed, as did Grace so cross them together and pull a buck baby.  Move the parents. Well I'll be putting more thought into it as the days go on.  We'll see, though with what is already planned for the barn(Dalton and Jeanie to replace Dalton) will already happen, now to pair down the blues a little for more manageable numbers!

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