Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Thinking and planning

     I spent a good couple hours up at the barn today seeing Sandy and Spencer.  I am kind of heart broken that Truly is gone.  She was rehomed last Sunday while I was working.  I didn't even get to say goodbye.  It's for the better.  Tru would have been a heck of a project horse.  I don't even know how well broke to ride she was and I didn't know if I could ever get her sound enough to ever ride.  She was just a wonderful little mare.  Time for me to move on.  
     I've talked some with Aunt Lisa about bringing Drifter back here since she's bred and Lisa doesn't want a foal.  I could foal her out here, and still trail ride her and tag the foal along beside and get my work in on a little QH and then come fall, wean and sell the foal off and have both mares out on Pasture board while I move myself into an apartment. 
     For the time being I've stopped looking for jobs, with the pay I'm making now it'll be worth the stress the place puts me though for a few more months.  Gives me the time to save up a lot more money and maybe in the meantime find me a decent man.  I know Nestle probably isn't the best place to find a man, but there's several there that 'hit' on me and think I'm cute so maybe they're actually decent.  Some day I'd like to find a real good guy and have my mini farm.  
     I put plenty of thought into bringing Drifter here, I'd probably change her name back to Mystic or something similar since that's the name that one lady said her name had been.  Or I'll leave it Drifter, I don't know yet.  It'll be a rare treat for me to raise a foal.  A once in a lifetime most likely.  Heidi nor Drifter are registered so I won't breed them.  Maybe in the future I'll get a registered horse that I feel more comfortable breeding.  Something with proven parentage.  Though adding to the population of horses doesn't seem like the best plan in the world either.  If Drifter comes to me, she'll stay with me for the remainder of her natural life, just like Jasmine and Phoenix before her.  
     The higher payscale at work will hopefully allow me to put both on pasture board and keep both comfortable.  I've got to start getting everything together and planning heavily how my paychecks are going to pan out.  The 48 hour week has a really nice paycheck.  I'll be able to get a lot of things set up and done this weekend(Bonus, I have this weekend off coming up as well!).  I'll get mom's new pre-paid phone, switch dad's to a prepaid and leave just mine on the contract so that should seriously cut that bill down.  Even if I still continue to pay for their phones, a $10 card a month for them should be more than enough.  They don't really use them except to text each other and rarely call someone.  This way they keep their numbers though. 
     I've been thinking a lot more still about the rabbits.  I'm keeping the pair of chins and basically steels.  Down to 10 rabbits total.  That should be something good to get down to.  A chin buck and a gray buck.  I have to still get a gray buck still but I need to make sure it's not Gerhart lines.  I might have to make a trip up to Kevin Hooper's place to get a good gray buck.  Then all steel does except Connie, who's a black.  Well it's bed time again.  Two days of work and then 3 days off!

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