Sunday, August 25, 2013

Uneventful, yet mentally stimulating day

     I've spent most of my day today up at Lisa Kirk's house, it's a bit over a 2 hour drive up there.  She wanted her Chinchilla Dutch somewhere safe and with someone that could use them instead of sending them to meat.  So I went and picked them up.  I intend to keep the doe at least, both are longer in shoulder than I like to see.  The doe and buck are basically full siblings so I don't need both in my barn.  The doe is the full aunt to my buck but I'll do that cross for the time being and see what I can build on.  Either way.  I've got a short list now of cull rabbits that will be dispatched and put in the freezer. 
     Work has been less than stellar.  I've been back at line lead now for several days.  While I don't mind doing the job, it's just a bit more stressful than it should be.  But the few that want to make it hard on me, well I can make their life miserable as well. 
      I've gotten this sinus headache that WILL not LEAVE.  I still have to call Micheal and get a trim done for the ponies and so much other stuff.  I enjoyed my late afternoon.  I got home from the Kirk's and got the new bunnies settled and then gave the ponies a much needed good grooming, then strip cleaned their run in and let them back into it.  I think I'm going to start looking into getting rubber mats to put down into the run in so it'll be easier to clean in the long run and won't deteriorate the flooring, especially raising calves in there next spring. 
     It felt awesome to just stand there and groom the horses, it had gotten a bit too hot to ride, plus I was in no way shape or form ready to ride. 
     Heidi loves coming over and making faces for me.  She just wants her cookies.  I still have yet to get up toe the vet's office and get her appointment for her shots, teeth and cogging's pulled.  I DO know for sure we are riding on Thursday, that's my birthday present to myself.  I'd love to win a few of the give-a-ways that I have entered, the biggest two being the SmartPak and the Tractor Supply. 
     I wanted to touch base with the fact that I bought a new scale at Meijer.  A nice digital one and it was only $20.  I got that and I started to take my weight daily, and I also started eating Activia and I've kept a log of my weight daily since then.  I started the Activia at 265 pounds on 8/20 and today, 5 days later I was 262.5 so I'm going to keep monitoring and keep doing what I'm doing and maybe now I can pull my weight back under the 250 again.  I've got plenty that I'm going to start trying to help get the weight down.  First step is to get my foot back under control, the pain and swelling has to come down.  Going to keep working on it!  Right now I'm BEYOND exhausted for one day.  Not a lot of sleep last night due to sinus aching and my right knee/ankle/foot hurting.  I'm ready for some good sleep and plenty of time to pay with Heidi n the morning!! 

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