Friday, August 2, 2013

Lots of think

     I've been doing plenty of thinking while I was feeding the rabbits this morning.  I did so quickly so I could jot all this down quickly. 
     The rabbits.  I just added 3 chocolate dutch.  They are by no means what I'm going to end up keeping in the long run, but they are a start.  I lost one baby in the transport so only got home with 3 of the 4 I picked up.  I figured it would happen but I had hoped I lost the other buck baby not the one I did.  I'll figure it all out.  I want to work down to Trio's of each- steel, Chinchilla &chocolate; then 2 trio's in Blue and Tort. I have my pair of Holland Lops.  Gabriel will be put down soon.  He's failing fast now he just can't handle it anymore as an older rabbits.  He's a solid 7.5 years old, he made the trip to Kentucky 4 years ago and he's just gotten worse over the past year.  I think had I gotten onto Purina Show and stayed there I probably would have been fine but I had to try a few other things before I returned back to Purina Show. 
     The horses train- I can't wait for the fall to come.  I'll be going up to the vet's on one of my days off next week to get an appointment set for Heidi's shots and Coggin's and if possible her microchipping.  I'll have to get the health certificate closer to the time that I'll be moving her.  Then, once I have the clean and clear on her I'll get called into Tamarack and get her spot reserved for the winter.  It'll be pasture boarding, no grain but she'll be alright, I don't plan on working her THAT hard and heavy.  I just hope to get her working a lot better.  Then come spring I'll decide to either move her home , leave her on pasture board or up her to full board for the summer. 
     I was told I had soft hands on the reins in the pictures of me and Amber.  She's a wonderful mare, I'm SUPER happy that Kylie never sold her.  The two are a pair, like I am with Heidi.  It does make me wonder what am I doing wrong when I am down here with Heidi.  Maybe a change in bit will help?  Maybe it's just me?  Heidi most likely needs farther training and I REALLY need lessons.  So that'll be something I talk to Tamarack about. Getting me lessons first.  Maybe I can start those sooner rather than later.  I do intend to cut the rabbits back, I'm just waiting to let a few get older so I have the room/space to start cage renovations because I have several cages that are starting to come apart- some of the original ones I bought from TSC, the wire's just coming apart.  I came home to put a new side piece on one and I have to buy a new roll of floor wire to remake the floor, for now there's a resting mat there.  I knew those cages would eventually fall apart.  I've got so much work I want and NEED to do to the rabbit barn that cutting back is VERY appealing.  My only toss up is I have a LOT of nice babies coming out  right now- murphy's law.  Of coarse.  I do have a small outlet for them and I'll be able to sell a few of them.  I homed Penelope with Rachel because she wanted Steels.  Okay, I have my Grand Champion steel doe, her Grand-ed black sister for my steel program.  Right now I just need a steel buck- which can and will wait until Catherine has a litter from Anna and Mel. 
     How did I get off track again?  Oh my.  I've got a few rabbits coming in for some boarding while their daddy is away on vacation.  It'll put me at full capacity and then Afterwards he might be going home with more and different ones than he left, it'll be fully up to him. I've got a few myself that'll be going. I really need to find a nice chocolate buck.  That's what I need BADLY.  I do have access to Shiloh, which is a chocolate x blue crossed baby.  Breed with him back to one of my chocolate carriers and hopefully get chocolates.  Back to the horses.  I want to get Heidi some training rides and get myself some lessons and then hopefully we can continue on.
     Ohh painting, thinking of horses, I just looked up to the photo's of Jody I have on my wall with the ribbons we won at a local fun show in Argyle.  I have a model to paint like him, I have to finish up/touch up Pheonix still and now I have one that I'll be painting to look like Dakota- once I get the primer down on him. Being a paint himself he'd need it. 
     So much that I want to in such a short time frame.  Time to get it all written down on paper and start working off that list!  Notebook is getting tucked into my lunch pail! 

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