Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rabbit venting

     Okay so it's not a protein thing, it's a fiber thing.  The hay must have played a HUGE roll because everyone, including Colby and Natalie, ate everything up last night(but maybe a tablespoon of pellets) and EVERYONE was eager for hay this morning.  I've got so many cage floors to replace this weekend it's not even funny, it is however, tempting to just build a few new ones.  I can use the side and top wire of the cages and the trays Just need to build frames for the floor, new floor wire and legs to support the cages.  No more of this non-sense.  I'm done with the rabbits completely.  I'll be doing a massive herd sell down and get down to just a few select ones and that's it.  Done, done, done!  I'm going to stay looking for one more blue buck and that is it!  My torts are at the point of being self sufficient for a little while, nothing I'm going to worry about that's for darn sure.  I just need to do this and need to get it done and over with for a little while.  I can't get good coat condition and it's starting to drive me nuts. Something's gotta give eventually.  Right now it's them.  I'll keep my good buns but anything else will either be sold or eaten.
     I also want to have the extra time coming up soon so I can actually work with Heidi.  She needs it, I need it.  I have a new bridle coming in for her which should have slightly more wiggle room in sizing and if that one fits wonderfully then I can go ahead and clean up the old one.  It's been awesome having this one, do not get me wrong, and I won't be getting rid of it, but I need to see how this goes about getting Heidi together a little more and into riding, plus getting her to a boarding barn and getting the work into her.  I have what looks to be a lovely long weekend off, I might be going to look at a horse with Aunt Lisa- if she wants to that is- and I do plan on riding several of the days.  Mostly on Heidi, but I might take Phoenix out for a stroll at some point.  If Aunt Lisa wants to come take a stroll with us, I'll put her on Phoenix and we'll go.  Won't be much or far however far she feels comfortable doing and I have ponied Phoenix from Heidi.  I'm still learning it so it's a bit weird for us.  We'll work on it!  He's only got a couple more months and then Heidi will be moving and he'll be laying to rest before winter. 

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