Friday, August 9, 2013

Minor Venting

     The rabbits are going to drive me NUTS.  I switched back to Purina Show because I needed something I knew worked with them to get them stable again.  I've still got a few that just don't want to eat.  I sat ALL day yesterday researching feeds, all sorts of different ones even ones I can't get in the area.  So I don't know what to do.
     I do know one thing I can do.  Cut them down- get rid of more of the hassle.  There's not as much enjoyment in the rabbits as there once was.  I'll keep my base few.  Carla's checking into Neutering costs for my Holland boys, Speedle and Gabriel, and once they're neutered and get past the timing then I'll build a big cage and put the two boys in together with Keisha.  Easier to neuter than to spay so she'll go without being fixed, but the boys have to be.  I'll be rebuilding what cages I have right now into wood frames and new floors.  Once that's completed then the demolition will begin of what I have and what's going to go bye-bye. 
     Heidi and Phoenix have again saved my sanity.  Especially Heidi.  I can't than her enough for holding me grounded.  This morning, she let me know that she was feeling good, bucking up and playing with the ground softer, then she leaned over the fence and gave me a good nudge.  I promised if the weather wasn't too bad and she wasn't completely soaked, we'd go for a ride on Sunday.  Phoenix must have been feeling good too, he came galloping across the field or breakfast.  I knew the ground was getting hard again.  I'll have to get a call into Micheal and set up for another trimming and front shoes for Phoenix.  He might as well stay as comfortable as possible these last few months.   Part of me doesn't want to let him go, but then I think back to the spring and how painfully thin he was and the 3 or 4 days that he just wasn't doing good at all and I know I can't do that again.  Let him go while he's not suffering.  I'll have to have that all set up soon. 
     I know it's coming which is the sad part but I'm kind of eager to step forward with a new chapter of my life.  I've never boarded a horse so this will be a new foray for me.  I want to see how much I actually do with her if I board her at a barn with an indoor and an outdoor arena to work in.  It's farther away from me than I want but it's got what I need, I LOVE the place I'll deal with it being farther away if I have to.
     Well time to go to work.  I really do hate my job, I really need to find another one.  Cutting back my expenses will help with the job hunt as I won't *need* one with such a high pay scale. 

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