Saturday, August 10, 2013

On a curious note

     On a more curious note, which is something I need to investigate farther, but the rabbits that I have that won't eat, I tried Chase's food(Southern States brand that he's feeding to his, he brought feed over to cover his while I'm watching them)  with a couple of them and they cleaned their bowls out.  I am super curious as to why.  So as I sit here I'm comparing the tag from his to the Purina Show.  Biggest and first thing to jump out at me is the protein content.  The Purina Show is a 16%, the SS is 18%.  Very strange indeed.  Less fat in the SS(2.5% over the 3.5% in Purina Show) and less Fiber(SS is 14-16%, PS is 18.5-21.5%).    Very, very strange indeed. Some parts of the label I can't read on the SS feed but I'm going to pick up a bag of it on Monday and use that until the Purina Professional comes in next week.  I really do wonder why the higher protein, less fiber, has corn seems to be much tastier than the other.  I'll have to consort with my rabbit books on this one! But heck, I'm just happy that Natalie's finally eating and I might be able to get my others to eat better too.  It could very well be the hay I'm using.  Why can't I find something that works very well and stays that way?  I really wish I knew.  The guy over in Salt Lick is the best option I guess! 
     I forgot to get up to the vet's office to set up the appointment to have Heidi's shots all done, and her teeth.  Hopefully I can get the vet to freeze off that wart on her back hoof while he's here too.  Get rid of that ugly thing.  I might have him try to float down Phoenix's teeth some at least too.  Make him comfortable since we've got about 2 months left until I let him go- maybe 2.5 months depends on how well things stay growing. 
     Well off for another exciting day of Nestle.  Yesterday we didn't end up working at all once we got there.  They had busted something earlier in the day and we couldn't run so we all got to go home early(as in right after we got there) and I didn't do much of anything after that! 

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