Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sad rabbit update

     Not sad in the way you would think it would be.  TKSRBA is on the verge of folding so the Frankfurt and the Shepardsville Rabbit shows will be no longer.  In fact I don't think there would be any rabbit shows LEFT in Kentucky at all at that point.  Maybe that's just god's way of telling me I'm not supposed to go this route, I'm not supposed to keep following the rabbits, not striving to work on them as hard.  Cut them back and spend more time with my horse.  I don't intend to get all religious but to me it's a sign.  With the way Heidi keeps working so much better for me and how little I actually WANT to work with the rabbits, it should prove interesting I might try to buy back either Eartha or Moe to bring my hank baby back or talk Rachel into breeding Hank with her Dutch by Design doe and letting me get a baby out of that.  That would bring Hank back into my lines and sit there. 
     Della, Hope, and Shel right now have perfect right of way to stay right where they are!  Marie and Hope's daughter are still sitting on toss up when I cut back, Jeanie's already made the cull list due to type.  As for blue does, all 5 that I have stay.  Zelda since I lost her mother Rebecca, Marcie , Gwen and Matilda(Unless her sneezing gets bad then it'll be CULL)  are staying.  The tort boys, Colby's already produced his replacement Dylan, but Colby will be a butcher prospect, Corbin's going to be hit or miss he'll depend on what he throws  and Hope's boy is on the sale list. The blue boys are both short listed for sale.  Lil Man might end up with the butcher prospect and Michelangelo I'm aiming to sell, but if he doesn't sell by the time I find a nicer blue buck that Kirk's are willing to transport back from convention he'll end up on the butcher block as well.  He'll have bred a couple does before he goes but I need a single buck that will do over everyone  and he sits with only 3 of the 5 does not related.  He might hang around but he might not. 
     The other colors, well the chocolates are working on building up and once they're big enough to breed and cull out it'll come.  The chin's are going to be adding a pair this coming weekend and from there I'll decide which Chin buck will stay or I'll cross them out and pull a baby from a pair and move the parents on.  Either way they'll be down to a working Trio.  Connie and Natalie can stay for the time being, Eventually I'll get a steel buck to go with the two.  Lawrence is OUT.  He should have bred Marie and hopefully the two will throw some chocolates and it'll replace him and Marie at the same time.  Marie might get lucky if Buckeye Hollow wants her.
     Anyways, depending on what I am doing tonight at work, I'll start mentally preparing myself for this cut back.  Most of my cut backs will be to butcher, but some I can try to sell first. 

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