Saturday, April 13, 2013

The not so forgotten Past

These pictures are from May 2010- so basically 3 years ago, All I had was Jasmine and Phoenix.  It's not been until the past two years that Phoenix has started to come out of winter real bad so I do seriously think it has something to do with the teeth and dentist I have-rather had I won't use him again. 
 This face coming to meet me is soo deeply missed.
Phoenix used to come out of winter real well.  I really am curious between the hay (which has been different each winter) and his teeth I really am curious. 
Here's years coming up, the two above are 2010, Here's May 2011:
And May 2012:
So now I'm terribly curious(when I need to NOT be that curious) I definitely do miss having quarter horses, despite Phoenix isn't a QH and Tessa wasn't a QH (Appaloosa and Paint prospectively-but close enough!).  So I don't know if I'll move to boarding,  I might get another QH(or close thereof) to keep with Heidi.  I might talk to Michael about doing another cross with Blue to that QH stallion for another Tessa sibling baby- but this time I'll take it at weaning or at a year old and raise it here. 
Anyway, just an early morning thought process. 

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