Sunday, April 28, 2013


     Well I am disturbed, irritated whatever you want to put it as.  I went up to Rolex yesterday and, idiot that I was forgot to bring Katie and Kelly's numbers with me, so I texted Kari-Ann that I was 45 minutes out, I waited for a reply nothing-so I spent the whole afternoon  by myself.  Talking to some random people while waiting at the head of the lake for William Fox Pitt- waiting for him because I knew Kylie would love some pictures of him.   He retired before us, and the folks I was talking to(for no apparent reason, I asked them if I was in their way and they the same for me) had been following it on their phones and told me.  I sent a message to Kylie- I knew she wouldn't be upset but I was.  I had been waiting for it and low-and-behold I missed it.  I did watch and take pictures of the one girl taking a spill into the water. Not my best moment let me assure you. But I can say that I'm not happy at all with people now.  I was thrilled when Kari-Ann stopped by on her way down.  I had hoped that I actually did have some real good friends- but I just don't feel like I fit in with even them due to the minor argument I had with another of the forum girls, so this will end my run with them and slowly as I deem them possible, I'll be deleting them from Facebook and my life.  Guess I'll just have to re-vamp my life and keep only those that I want to in it.  I've already moved any of the girls, except Kylie, into a group just set for AFGAFH forum ladies.  A few of them I find personal friends and always will- a few have gotten under my skin just too much.  I finally get my health all lined out and then something else goes wrong, I get that straight only to have slogged on something else.  I need to get my act together and figure out what I'm going to do.  Either way  something will give and something will get dropped completely. 
     But to any extent.  A picture from Rolex, Head of the Lake, where the rider had come off-but was okay- and she's walking off to show she wasn't hurt.

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